Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Friday!

Finally, a week (well, 4 days) of classes are over! Not much has been going on, really just classes, some shopping and hanging out and meeting new people.

Yesterday however, some friends I made from Norway & Canada and I made a family-style taco dinner together at one of the dorm rooms! It was a lot of fun, and it's really nice to eat dinner with people as a "family" when you're so far away from each other. Dinner was excellent and this is a picture of who I ate with once we were done and cleaned up!

I also found this amazing little spot by the Rhine where you can just sit and put your feet in and depending on how high the water is that day you can even just walk around on top of this little platform and get your feet wet! There is also an amazing view of the Rhine and the other side of the river!

Everything here is so beautiful, and I honestly don't feel like I'm out of place here. A lot of students and people speak English, and a lot of them don't but it honestly doesn't even matter because people try to understand each other's broken English or German, and your language progresses so much once you just start talking. One of the biggest problems I've noticed is people just being too shy to try and say what they want and instead they say nothing and their language skills don't progress. I love speaking my German here! Its so much fun being able to use the skills you have!!

Today we went into Meersburg which is about a 10 minute ferry ride away. We had a castle tour, and it was about 2.5hrs long. The castle we went to was the oldest one in Germany, and because it was so old it was super hard to take pictures inside, they really didnt allow it. It had so much history to it though and the courtyard was very very nice.

Alright well, it's time for me to go!



  1. Have you tried the "McDonalds Test" yet? See if you can order without them figuring out that you aren't German :)

  2. haven't had time! but as soon as i do i am documenting the entire thing!! my german is quite good alot of clerks just use german with me in stores!