Monday, August 16, 2010

nothing but busy!

So, since I've last posted, I can't even remember what I've done! But, we went into Meersburg to see the oldest castle in Germany which wasn't a REALLY BIG castle, it was more like a big house. Then, my class and I went to the Brauhaus for some REAL German food, which was of course delicious! I got the chicken with spƤtzle and I could have eaten it for days.

**if you click on the pictures they will enlarge!**

Alexander from Finland, Me, and Eva from Norway before the Brauhaus

ferry ride over to Meersburg

this is the oldest castle in Germany, the Meersburg Castle (about a 15 minute ferry ride from Konstanz)

when the bishop's decided to stay in Konstanz they built this new "castle" for them to live in because they didn't like the old one anymore apparently

this was a house walking up to the castle

this was on the castle grounds in one of the courtyards

Saturday, 14 Aug, was the final day of the Seenachtfest (Sea night fest) and every year Konstanz, Germany and Kreuzlingen, Switzerland (neighboring towns) have a firework competition essentially. A group of people and myself walked into Switzerland (yes, we walked!) and watched the fireworks from there. Konstanz charges about 16,00 EUR for admission into their area, but in Switzerland it is free, so we walked! It was of course POURING outside, but the fireworks were amazing. First Germany went, and they had their show set to music. Then it was Switzerland who didn't have theirs set to music but most certainly outdid Germany....but only by a hair. They started out with three fireworks that didn't open up huge or anything they just shot into the sky and flashed like a spark and made a really loud bang like a gun shot, one right after the other with a few seconds in between. Then in the middle they were beautiful of course, but the end is where Switzerland hands down won. They had fireworks open up into little red parachutes!!!!! I wish I had pictures of them I MUST find them somewhere from the internet. But they exploded like fireworks and look all pretty, then we see these glowing red parachutes come our way! It was unlike ANYTHING I have EVER seen before. Absolutely amazing.

here's a link for the Swiss firework show, I can't find the parachutes yet, but give me some time and I will!

The "ambiance" of the Swiss side

Then yesterday, we went to Liechtenstein! Oh my goodness what a BEAUTIFUL country. If you don't know anything about Liechtenstein, its only 160 sq km and has a population of 35,000. It was cold and raining when we went yesterday, but everything was so scenic! We were in the capital of Vaduz for their Independence day, and when we arrived at the "castle" (they have so many large Rupunzel-like castles here in southern Germany and the surrounding areas but I seem to be going to none!) the Prince of Liechtenstein was out shaking hands, talking to people, and some man even sang the national anthem to him! Everyone was so impressed when they saw the Prince walking around drinking a beer (in his suit of course!) because for any country seeing your leader like that would be a HUGE deal. But, Liechtenstein was beautiful! The group of people I went with and I decided that we were going to travel up to the top of one of their mountains, Malbun. So we took a bus as far up as we could, but before I continue, I must tell you this: the entire capital city of Vaduz was closed! AND ALL THE BUSES AND MUSEUMS WERE FREE! Yes! Free!! So, moving on, we took a bus up as far as we could, and then a ski lift up to the very top of the mountain. We were all sitting there like "why did we decide to do this its so foggy you can't even see anything." But as we started walking down the mountain the fog cleared for literally 3 minutes and made the ENTIRE thing worth while. At the end of this blog I'm just going to post a ton of pictures and write captions so you can get an idea. So since it was their Independence day, and the ENTIRE capital was closed down, there were just food and candy vendors lining the streets. All of the food was delicious, but it was amazing how much more things cost in Liechtenstein. In Germany, a soda is about 2,40 EUR, a small beer is like 1,00 EUR sometimes less, and coffee about 3,00 EUR; but in Liechtenstein, soda was about 3,30 EUR, 3,60-4,00EUR for a small beer, and I paid 3,60 EUR for a coffee! It was crazy to see the prices change when you're just an hour away.

Liechtenstein also had an AMAZING firework display around 10:30 PM. It was better than the Swiss show, it had to be! They shot the fireworks off from a cliff where the "castle" was situated and at one point had fireworks falling down the side of the cliff like a waterfall. It was unreal and every time we thought it had just been the finale and they were over, MORE came! At the very very end however they lit one firework and it was a smiley face! It was adorable!

this was one of the views from the mountain as we walked down and the fog cleared

this was from inside the bus going up the mountain...these buses had to have been turbo charged or something because they were going up these mountains without ANY issue

a pretty building in Vaduz, Liechtenstein when it was actually sunny, NOT pouring.

a very original style home that looks like an organ

This was the castle on top of the cliff!

Overall my past week has been good! Lot's of things to do and see and NO time to write about it! I thought I would have wayyy more time than what I have had and it's hard trying to remember a week's worth of activities! Although one thing that does stand out and very strange here in Konstanz is the weather! The first week I was here and maybe 2 extra days it was hot, like 85-90 hot. The rest of the time its either cold and rainy (today is 58 with rain) or sunny and around 70-75! I could have sworn it was going to be so much warmer here!! I have had to buy warm clothes because it's been so cold, I brought one pair of flats and the rest sandals expecting summertime weather! ah! But, alles gut (all is good) and the way I see it I've done some school shopping that I otherwise would not have had the chance to do back home!

I am also very disappointed in the weather because I had purchased a float so I can float in the Rhein and I have not yet been able to use it :(

Check back soon! I am going to Austria this week!!!



  1. Hey SAM!!
    I'm so glad you are having such a good time in Konstanz!! The pictures are amazing - makes me homesick :))

    Enjoy your time and take good care of yourself!

    Katharina :)

  2. How did you go to Lichtenstein from Konstanz? did u take the train and how much did it cost?