Monday, August 22, 2011

Third Week

Well this was definitely a week filled with a lot of good things. Sunday was a calm day since it was the day after I got back from Seenachfest in Zurich. I also jumped off the bridge in Konstanz while I went swimming in the Rhein. Other than that it was more relaxing than anything else.

However, that day was much needed since the whole IBH group went to Liechtenstein for the entire day. It was really incredible! I got to take some photos of the Royal family of Liechtenstein and I got some photos taken with me and two of the princes of Liechtenstein. After that me and a couple of my buddies went up to the mountainous area of Vaduz. It was totally spectacualr. I honestly felt like I could live there for the rest of my life and feel so at peace with myself. It was worth every moment! Near the end of the day there we all we treated to a very nice showing of fireworks.

Tuesday was a calm day and I needed it to catch up on some much needed sleep. Wednesday I went to the Rhein again and swam with some friends. I jumped off the bridge again. This time from the middle of it which is the highest point.

Thursday I didn't really go out much. But I did meet up with some friends in our dormitory building for a little get together.

Friday through Sunday though was the biggest thing yet! Me and my friends went to Munich. I skipped class to do it but I don't care. It was probably the best time I've had here in Germany. It was such a beautiful city and even though we were there for three days there were so many things I didn't fully get to see. But nevertheless I saw enough to say that it defintely made an impression on me. We went to the BMW museum, the Hofräuhas, Dachau concentration camp, and the English Garden. It was also in Munich that I tried probably the best beer I've ever had in Germany so far. It tasted so good and I doubt I will ever find anything close to it here in Konstanz or anywhere in the U.S. Not that I am going to drink in the U.S. anyway after this trip. haha.

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