Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 2

A second week goes by and this one was packed with stuff. Monday through Wednesday were pretty casual days if at best. We all went to class and then came back and did our homework then we hung out for the rest of the day. We went to some cool parties and that was pretty much it. Thrusday however was so amazing. Almost all of the IBH group went to Vorallberg, Austria. We left early in the morning and were there almost all day. We went hiking up in the mountains and it was such a breathtaking site. The trails were just gorgeous and the view of the towns below and afar were extraordinary. I couldn't even describe this day perfectly to you it was so wonderful. After the hike we went to a nature museum which also had some science stuff in there as well and it was interesting. however we ran into a Rolls Roice museum on the way down from the trails and we couldn't go to it because of the nature museum. That kind of bummed a few of us out. But nevertheless we are still alive.

On Friday me and a couple of my buddies went swimming in the Rhein. It was so cool. The water was so refreshing and clean it was really unlike anything we ever swam in. But there was a little negative thing, the water was very cold. Now I don't have a problem with temperatures a lot of the time but for me to say it was cold then that water was pretty darn cold. But nevertheless it was a really cool experience. Saturday was truly an incredible day. Me and my friends went to Zurich to attend the 20th anniversary of the Stra├čeparade, which is a big annual techno-music parade in Zurich. Also, being that it was the 20th anniversary, there were so many people there it was practically insane. The music was blasting, the people were dressed in whatever they wanted, and the whole time we were there we were having a blast. We would have stayed there until the late hours but we wanted to get back home. Luckily we managed to get back in time for the Seenachtfest in Konstanz which was another crowded festival with a really splendid show of fireworks. All I can say is that our feet were killing us by the end of the day. If there is anything I will remember about this trip it is this day!!

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