Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day

Well this was an interesting experience. The flight in was just a tad bit uncomfortable but we all managed. We hopped on the train to Konstanz by ourselves which kind of wasn't planned. Ooops. But even then we still managed. Once we arrived it was a breathtaking scene. Such a beautiful town! It has the feel of relaxation but also something magical about it. Like you feel like this is all there is and yet that there is still more to see down every new alley way and corner.

My German is a lot better than I thought it would be. I remember hearing that if some Germans find out that you are American they will immediately speak English to you so they can practice. But I haven't even experienced such a thing at all. In fact I was able to ask for things and order things in German with a German reply! Go figure. I guess I didn't know I sounded good enough to them to make them think I was German. Nevertheless it made me feel good knowing that I can ask something in a different language and have them understand me.

Another great thing I am noticing about this experience is that I am really starting to form freindships very quickly with some of the people who I came here with and some who I just met today who are in the program with me, and I'm not talking about friendly friendships like you have in those regular university classes. No way! This is more like firendships that can last a lifetime. Either way it is my first day and already I am very comfortable here. I also took a lot of photos on my first day and they will increase as time moves on. Overall this looks like a very good start to something great.

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